Local Lead Gen. Summary

Hello All.  I think it is a good time to summarize the entire local lead generation craze.  As we discussed in earlier posts, unique and original content is the name of the game.  Just like any other site, your homepage is probably the most important page of your website.  It is the generally the first page any of your visitors will and see and it must be able to keep your visitors interested enough to stay and explore your site.  It is very important to “kill” them with content on your homepage.  This will accomplish a few different goals. Those goals are as follows:

  • Google Loves Unique Content – this will get you ranked higher in Google
  • Keywords-because you add more content to your homepage you can obviously add more keywords and then rank for more searches
  • Visitor Experience – the name of the game is lead generation so the best way to generate leads is by providing authoritative content to your users

Some things you should also consider is placement of your phone number and contact form.  Obviously, the goal is to generate leads so you need to give your visitors every opportunity to become a lead.  You should have a contact form on every page and your phone number should be displayed throughout your site.  I know this all can be a bit much to take in so I decided to search and find a good example.  Here is a perfect example: http://www.partybuswpb.com/