Local Lead Generation

So what is Local Lead Generation?  Local Lead Generation (LLG) is basically helping small local businesses get my clients and ultimately make more money.  This is a widely untapped niche in the internet universe and can tremendously profitable if you are dedicated enough to go out and learn and prospect.  Let’s face it, most small business owners are focused on making sure their doors stay open for one more day and they just don’t have time to worry about their website or anything SEO related.  Unfortunately, if they would spend more time on their internet real estate, the rest of the stuff would probably take care of themselves.

What does this mean for you?  It means get up and learn how to fill a need in the marketplace.  If you can successfully bring in leads for a small business they will pay you nicely because you are keeping their doors open.  Often times, these local markets are easy to beat too.  All you have to do is post original, authoritative content and do some minor backlinking and boom.  The great thing about LLG is that once you get it producing, it becomes a mostly passive source of income.  Passive Income is the Dream.  Nothing beats waking up knowing you can literally do nothing and still make money that day.  The freedom to go on a vacation and know you’re still making money can not be overrated.

Moral of the story is invest in yourself and learn a skill that will solve a problem in the marketplace.  Some famous guy once said, “Don’t bring your problems to the market, bring solutions”. Do exactly that and you will eat for a lifetime.